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2018 Annual Conference

Creating Value. Driving Results.
The MedImpact 2018 Annual Conference was held March 19-21 at Paradise Point Hotel in San Diego, CA. The conference featured a variety of speakers and sessions. Attendees were able to participate in sessions that focused on their unique goals. MedImpact's business model provides payer alignment to create value and drive results.

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Keynote Speakers

Paul Nicklen photo

Paul Nicklen

Award-winning photographer and author
National Geographic

Trish Regan Photo

Trish Regan

Host of The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan
Fox News

Steve Israel photo

Steve Israel

Former New York Member of Congress, Chairman of the Global Institute at Long Island University, and Novelist

Doug Long photo

Doug Long

Vice President, Industry Relations

A Look at 2018 Drug Trend and Insights for the Future

Sean Spicer photo

Sean Spicer

Former White House Press Secretary and President Trump Communications Director

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